12th Night Activities

Sponsored Art Competition

There will be a sponsored open art competition for Best Depiction of Rabbits / Hares, with adult and youth categories (documentation is not required, but simple documentation is welcome). Prizes will be awarded in both categories.

Dreamers Moot Regional A&S Fair

We are hosting our first Dreamers Moot — a Regional Arts and Sciences Faire, held in memory of our beloved Master Dylan ab Aneirin y Breuddwydiwr (one of Bryn Madoc’s founders). Entries are judged with the same guidelines and caliber of judges as those of the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Faire. Documentation is required for regional A&S faires. The Kingdom A&S office will assign judges and a judging time.

The Kingdom A&S office will assign judges and a judging time. Feedback from the judges provides artisans an opportunity to make adjustments and add enhancements to their project and documentation prior to Kingdom A&S.

If you have access to a Google account, you can sign up to enter the Dreamers Moot using this form.*

If you don’t have access to a Google account / or have problems accessing the form, and wish to sign up for Dreamers Moot, email the Kingdom A&S office.Please include the following information:

  • Project name
  • SCA name
  • Modern name
  • Is the project static, performance, consumable, paper, or youth?
  • Please include any scheduling conflicts.

For other questions regarding Dreamers Moot, please contact the Kingdom MOAS, Duchess Thorkatla.

Armored Combat

Times and scenarios TBA

Rapier Combat

9 a.m.
and armor inspection, authorizations throughout the day

10 a.m.
Iron Ring Tournament

Having held and defended the Meridian Iron Ring for a year, Captain Rodrigo now looks to pass it to the next bearer! The next holder of the Iron Ring will be determined by the victor of a grand melee style tournament.

Conditions: Each fencer may challenge any other fencer on the field. Challenges may only be repeated once all possible challenges have been issued. The fencer who has accrued the greatest number of victories at the conclusion of a 30 minute period will be determined the winner and the next bearer of the Iron Ring. If they should so choose, the victor may refuse the ring, in which case it will pass to the fencer with the second greatest amount of wins.

All standard and cut and thrust equipment is permitted, at the agreement of the parties and where appropriate authorizations are held.Equipment: All standard equipment permitted. Fencers begin with single sword as a baseline, unarmored.

1 p.m.
Spiritual Strife — Trust vs. Betrayal

Life is a series of difficult choices, often involving carefully choosing your friends. Participants must navigate the delicate balance between cooperation and betrayal, carefully choosing who to depend on. Will camaraderie prevail, or will the allure of personal triumph lead to treachery?

Conditions: Depending on attendance, fighters will fight in either a round robin of all possible 2-person teams or a fixed number of rounds with randomly assigned 2-person teams. Fighters will have to choose whether to trust or betray their teammate, resulting in the possible outcomes depicted in the table below. Points may be accrued through automatic wins or through fencing wins in a given round. The fencer with the greatest number of points at the end of the tournament wins. More details.

Equipment: All SCA standard equipment, excluding spears and RBGs, is permitted.

3 p.m.
Judgment and Redemption — Kampfgericht

In the judicial duel of the 16th century, justice is decided with the clash of blades and the skill of a fencer is not just a display of prowess but a declaration of innocence. In our second fencing tournament, we draw inspiration from the southern German tradition of the Kampfgericht, a judicial duel where combatants settle legal disputes through strength of arms. As participants face each other in this unique tournament, the battleground becomes a courtroom, and every thrust and parry is a plea for justice. Bring your armor, and prepare for prosecution!

Conditions: Cut and Thrust, Armor as Worn. This will most likely be fought as a round robin. An automatic point for a given round will be assigned to the lighter armored fencer. Bouts will be fought first to three points. In keeping with typical cut and thrust rules, strikes to any vulnerable part of the body will be considered a victory for that point. Grapples will be executed in keeping with typical cut and thrust rules, and will not be carried to completion. Hilt strikes may be simulated as “checks” to the head and face but may not be carried to contact (mordschlage and related movements are expressly forbidden). Simulated hilt strikes will not be considered capable of penetrating plate.

Plate (regardless of metal material) will be considered proof against cuts and thrusts. Mail and hardened leather will be considered proof against cuts, but vulnerable to thrusts (regardless of structure). Heavy gambesons (at the discretion of the marshals) will be considered proof against cuts from single-handed weapons.

Bonus: There will be a special prize awarded for the fencer with the most extravagant suit or countersuit brought against their opponent!

Equipment: Armor, spear, small shield, longsword, rondel dagger. Equipment may be discarded at the start of the round, but armament may not be thrown at the opponent.

7 p.m.
Revel Activities

Dussacks After Dark — Free fencing with dussacks until site close
Advance-Lunge Competition — Like the long jump, but for fencing!
Oktoberfecht-Inspired racquetball and buckler fencing (more info day of)