Staying Healthy Together

Covid-19 and the SCA

The Society's Board of Directors now permits live events that must follow specific caveats. They have also set SCA COVIDSafe Policy standards for event attendees. The Board has recently issued an announcement lifting restrictions, effective on Dec. 1, 2022. All restrictions have been lifted for the Kingdom of Meridies, as of April 8, 2022 (see below).

Our Kingdom has provided guidelines for our reopening for meetings and other live activities, with the following updated (as of 8/5/21 and 9-29-21) reopening plan for Meridies. Please check this page regularly for updates regarding the return to live and face-to-face activities for our Barony and for our Kingdom.

The following announcements were originally posted on the official Meridian Facebook page.*

4-8-22 Update from the Kingdom Seneschal

The day has arrived. The [CDC's] map of Meridies has no red counties on the community risk map,and the vast majority are green, with a handful of yellow.

In accordance with the guidelines of the CDC, the COVIDSafe vaccination/negative test requirement implemented by the SCA Board of Directors will be removed from all events, practices, meetings, and other gatherings.

This is effective immediately.

What does this mean for you, the populace? There is no requirement in ANY state to provide proof of vaccination or negative test to attend an event unless required by an event venue. We are no longer collecting signatures. All COVID restrictions are lifted and events may move to pre-pandemic norms.

For event staff, please remember that signage is still mandatory. If you have questions regarding this, or if you've forgotten the wording, reach out. [...]

I remain, as always, in Service to Meridies.
Zayn al-Munajjima, called Mittens, Seneschal
April 8, 2022


4-3-22 Update from the Kingdom Seneschal

If you weren't in court yesterday, and the word hasn't already spread to you, His Majesty made the announcement that all feast restrictions have been lifted 🙂 . Let us all eat, drink, and be merry!

Zayn al-Munajjima, called Mittens, Seneschal
April 3, 2022


3-27-22 Update from the Kingdom Seneschal

After many discussions with your Crown and Heirs, a thorough review of the CDC policies, and a review of any post-Gulf Wars cases, the decision has been made to drop the mask mandate at this time. This means we can all see our friends smiling faces! It also means that if, in the future, there is an uptick in Covid cases, the mask requirement may be reinstated in some fashion.

[...] We as a Kingdom will continue to follow the SCA COVIDSafe Policy as we are able in each individual state.

What this means is this: the bullying and harassment policy is in full effect. You must not ridicule others for wearing masks if they so choose. If you are asked to wear a mask in the presence of someone, it would be advisable to have one easily accessible. If you are asked to distance yourself from someone, do it. Always ask for consent before any form of physical touch.

  • Respect
  • Politeness
  • Courtesy
  • Honor
  • Chivalry
  • Protecting those who are in need

Those are the tenets of the Society that we love. I beg each and every one of you to pay heed to those and care for your fellow persons.

I remain, as always, in Service to Meridies.
Zayn al-Munajjima, called Mittens, Seneschal
March 27, 2022


1-21-22 Update from the Kingdom Seneschal

Your Royal Family and I met this evening to discuss whether to extend the 14 day pause [for live activities] or let it expire.... We have unanimously decided to let the pause expire. The Kingdom IS reopening.

Meridian War College/Fighter's Collegium (scheduled for 28-30 January 2022), Panhandle Skirmishes (scheduled for 18-20 February 2022), and Meridian Challenge of Arms (scheduled for 25-27 February 2022) will happen.

There will be the following changes:

  1. The mask requirement for ALL citizens ages 5 and up will be reinstated in all public spaces at all times with the exception of fighters, fencers, and equestrians when wearing their helms.
  2. Per SCA Announcement dated 27 September 2021 and updated 28 December 2021, the SCA CovidSAFE Policy has been expanded to include all persons of eligible vaccination age, effective 1 February 2022.
  3. Per SCA Announcement dated 27 September 2021 and updated 29 November 2021, the SCA CovidSAFE Policy has been amended to reflect the following wording: “All persons over the age of 18 must present government issued photo identification or a current SCA membership card along with the proof of being fully vaccinated or a negative COVID test. Parents and guardians of minors must present their own identification along with proof of being fully vaccinated or a negative COVID test for all minors attending an event in their care.” The full text of the announcement can be found here.
  4. As has been Meridian policy all along, you are responsible for mask requirements in your private camp or pavilion. The Kingdom will not assume responsibility for private spaces.

We have been asked numerous questions about whether Gulf Wars will happen and whether it is safe to go. [...] What we can tell you is that as of this writing, we have NOT heard anything to indicate that Gulf Wars will be cancelled. As of this writing, all members of the Royal Family along with the Kingdom Seneschal will be attending.

Wulfstan, Rex
Thorkatla, Regina
Lochlainn, Prince
Paraskova, Princess
Mittens (Zayn al-Munajjima), Seneschal
January 21, 2022

12-31-21 Update from the Kingdom Seneschal

I have heard your mutterings, and have been approached with questions about the Kingdom COVID policy. AS OF NOW, we are not planning to reinstate any addition shutdowns or pauses. We WILL continue to monitor the numbers across all states in our borders, and we will continue to follow CDC, Federal, State, and local guidance. At this time, the following applies:

  • In Florida and Alabama, we CANNOT require proof of vaccination or proof of negative Covid test. We CAN and DO require masks indoors in accordance with Kingdom policy.
  • In Georgia, we CAN and DO require proof of full vaccination or proof of negative Covid test for EVERY event. We also CAN and DO require masks indoors in accordance with Kingdom policy.
  • In Tennessee, we CAN and DO require proof of negative Covid test ONLY for EVERY event. If an attendee VOLUNTEERS to provide proof of full vaccination in lieu of proof of negative Covid test, we CAN accept this. We CANNOT ask for proof of full vaccination, however. We also CAN and DO require masks indoors in accordance with Kingdom policy.
  • In Kentucky, we CAN and DO require proof of negative Covid test for every event. We also CAN and DO require masks indoors in accordance with Kingdom policy.

[...] Effective January 1, 2022, the Kingdom will no longer be requiring masks during outdoor activities. If any gentle wishes to require the use of masks in their own encampment or personal pavilion, that is their decision and will receive the full support of my office. Those individuals who choose to continue to wear masks will also have the full support of my office. The Crown, Heirs, and myself reserve the right to re-implement the outdoor mask requirement on an as needed basis, as well as any other additional measures as needed.

I remain, as always, in Service to Meridies,
Zayn al-Munajjima, Seneschal
December 31, 2021


10-7-21 Reopening Update from the Kingdom Seneschal

In accordance with the SCA Board of Directors' announcement dated September 27, 2021, allowing individual Kingdoms to implement CovidSafe guidelines (which can be found here), and with the populace of Meridies overwhelmingly responding to the public survey by 84% in support of a policy of this nature, Meridies hereby resolves that:

Effective October 8, 2021, Meridies will implement the following policy for people ages twelve and up:

  • Proof of full Covid vaccination dated — at minimum — two weeks prior to the event
  • Proof of negative Covid test administered within 72 hours before the start of an event.
  • Children three to eleven years of age are required to wear a mask, but are not required to provide a negative test.

This policy is effective only where applicable by law. Since there are overriding state laws in Alabama and Florida that prohibit any such actions, Alabama and the portion of Florida within the Kingdom border are exempt from this policy.

Once implemented, other than the age limits and applicable local, state, and federal laws, there are NO exceptions to this policy. The Board of Directors specified that anyone who does not comply will not be allowed to participate in any event. Protestors will be asked to leave. If the person refuses, they will be immediately ejected from the site. Autocrats, group Seneschals, regional deputy Seneschals, the Kingdom Seneschal, the Heirs, and the Crown will all have the authority to eject anyone who refuses to comply with this requirement, where applicable by law. Continued refusal means that mundane legal authorities will be called and BoD actions may apply.

For verification, at troll, everyone must present both a proof of vaccination (or negative test) and a form of legal identification that corresponds with the name on the vaccination card (or the test results). In the case of legal name change, or those who identify themselves by another name such as transgender individuals, there must be legal documentation to satisfy the requirements.

If a potential entrant cannot be vaccinated — or prefers not to disclose their vaccination status — they must provide proof of a negative test dated no more than 72 hours prior to the opening of the event/activity. There are no exceptions to this policy.

The only acceptable tests are the PCR and rapid tests. The negative COVID-19 test result must include the following information:

  • Where the test was administered, including information such as the name and contact information for the laboratory or healthcare personnel who performed the test
  • A specimen collection dated 72 hours or less before the event.
  • Attendee's name and either date of birth, age, or passport number
  • A negative test result using words or phrases including:
    — Negative
    — Undetectable
    — SARS-CoV-2 RNA not detected
    — SARS-CoV-2 antigen not detected
    — COVID-19 not detected
    — Not reactive
  • Test results marked “invalid” are not accepted.

Home tests cannot be independently verified and are therefore ineligible as valid tests. Previous infections are not a substitute for vaccination and are therefore not acceptable.

There MUST be at least one person at troll dedicated to checking for these documents; they will need to be an additional person other than the regular troll staff. This requirement should be the first thing checked BEFORE advancing through troll. If there cannot be someone at troll to check this status, then there will be no after-hours sign in. While this means that there must be a dedicated person to check the records, it absolutely DOES NOT mean that only one person must be dedicated to the task for the entire event. There may be shifts of checkers who will be responsible for maintaining a list of names on a separate form that cannot be combined with the current troll sheet, and will then sign the following statement at the end of their shift:

“I have monitored the event entrance at the times noted above, and I have verified that each person entering the event during that time has shown me proper identification, along with either proof of being fully vaccinated or a negative COVID test taken within 72 hours of the start of the event.”

Within three business days following the close of the event, the signature form must be forwarded to the Kingdom Seneschal. Please note that this signature form will be the only record kept. No other documentation, including names of those who provide proof of vaccination or negative Covid test will be kept. Furthermore, this means that either proof of vaccination or negative Covid test must be provided at EVERY event attended.

This policy DOES NOT supersede the mask and contact tracing policies. Rather, in the interest of providing space that is as safe as possible for us to provide in-person events, this new policy is IN ADDITION TO the mask and contact tracing policies [see below]. Let's do this, and let's get back to safe eventing where we can see our friends, share the joy, and celebrate this hobby. Huzzah!

SCA CovidSafe FAQs can be found here.

Zayn al-Munajjima, Seneschal
Updated and clarified on October 7, 2021


A Missive from the Kingdom Seneschal Regarding Meridies' Reopening

With the dramatic increase in cases of Covid-19 due to the delta variant, along with recent guidance from the Board of Directors, your Royal Family and Kingdom Seneschal have again been in discussion with regards to how to best proceed with reopening the Kingdom. We know that there is no one solution that will please everyone. There are those among us who would have the Kingdom remain closed, while there are others who would have there be no restrictions at all. Neither of these is feasible. Please remember that this is an ongoing situation, and is currently being evaluated using all available information. Also, please remember that we are an organization that is run by volunteers. Every event staff, group officer, and Kingdom officer is a volunteer, and we are ALL doing our best to balance the needs of the ENTIRE Kingdom while striving to maintain a healthy work/life/volunteer position balance. Input is always welcome, but remember to keep all communication, whether verbal, via email, or on social media cordial and considerate.

This announcement supersedes the announcement dated July 25, 2021. [Link unavailable]

1. All federal, state, provincial, and local health rules and restrictions must be followed. If a local government does not allow gatherings above a certain size, those restrictions must be followed, up to and including further governmental shutdowns.

2. Effective immediately, Meridies will be reinstating mask requirements for all members of the populace, with the exception of fighters ON THE FIELD. Once a fighter steps off the field and removes their helm or fencing mask, they must wear a mask. This includes all in-person gatherings, demos, and public practices. At in-person events, under ones' own pavilion, masks may be removed while eating or drinking but must be worn at all other times.

3. A roster must be maintained for EVERY gathering, martial practice, A&S night, meeting, and events of all types including demos and public practices. There is a link on the Kingdom webpage to a fillable form, or you may print the form provided and submit to the roster deputy. A printable roster has been added to the files section of the Kingdom Facebook group, and is also available via email, until such time as the Kingdom webpage is functional again.

4. At this time, only tent camping will be permitted, and pod camping is strongly encouraged. The Royal Family and Kingdom Seneschal will monitor the situation and issue further guidance as the weather changes. Our goal is to resume cabin camping as cold weather approaches. We will continue to not have size caps on events.

5. Feasts will be allowed, with the following restrictions:

  • Pre-plated only, no family style
  • One pitcher per type of beverage per table, to be refilled by masked servers
  • Pod seating
  • 10 feet between tables
  • Every feast steward will have an "expediter" whose job it is to ensure separation between the feast crew and populace. This person's duties are facilitation of communication, serving as a runner, and other duties as needed.
  • Every feast shall have enough servers so as to ensure that the populace is not retrieving their own pre-plated food.
  • When practical, event and feast stewards are strongly encouraged to move feasts outdoors.

6. The following language MUST be posted prominently in multiple places at EVERY practice, meeting, social, and event, and in event notices, flyers, online announcements, and advertisements:

Although the SCA complies with all applicable laws to ensure the health and safety of our event participants, we cannot eliminate the risk of exposure to infectious diseases during in-person events. By participating in the in-person events of the SCA, you acknowledge and accept the potential risks. You agree to take any additional steps to protect your own health and safety and those under your control as you believe to be necessary.

7. Persons who contract Covid-19 are strongly encouraged, in the interest of protecting your friends and fellow SCAdians, to notify your group Seneschal or the Kingdom Seneschal with positive test results. We will then notify the populace via a message in the Kingdom FB group that a member who attended xxx practice, gathering or event has tested positive. Your name will be withheld unless you choose to share the information yourself.

8. Groups that have someone who has attended a gathering, meeting, or event who has tested positive will have a 14 day "rolling shutdown." This will include a suspension of all in person activities.

9. Advance registration and payment continues to be strongly encouraged.

10. Groups are encouraged to continue with virtual meetings, and will no longer need to secure advance permission to do so.

I remain, as always, in Service to Meridies,
Zayn al-Munajjima, OP
August 5, 2021