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These sites contain information about the Society for Creative Anachronism, the Kingdom of Meridies, and links to other baronies, shires, and groups within Meridies, as well some locally-hosted pages.

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These links refer to some pages of useful, historic, or artistic interest (we think). The following links are not official links of the Society for Creative Anachronism nor the Kingdom of Meridies and are not created, maintained, supported, reviewed or otherwise sanctioned in any manner. All external links are provided as a service to the populace at large and are offered on an "as is" basis.


Armoring and Metalwork

  • purple bullet Under development.

Art Museums and Online Collections

Cooking and Brewing


Early Period Topics

  • purple bullet Anglo-Saxon England webring homesite. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and use the webring to find some interesting Anglo-Saxon sites.
  • purple bullet Early Period. The web version of the personally-published quarterly journal for the advancement of early period arts, crafts, sciences, and research, focusing on pre-1066 A.D. topics of interest to persons with early period personae in the SCA or similar organizations.
  • purple bullet Celtic Clip Art at Ceolas. Downloadable knotwork; ftp site also available.
  • purple bullet Earthlore's Ireland site. A cyber exploration of Ireland.
  • purple bullet Regia Anglorum. Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Norman and British Living History resources.

Fiber Arts

General Fiber Arts


Braiding, Kumihimo, Knotting, and Cord

Knitting, Naalbinding, and Spinning


Games and Sports

General and Miscellaneous

Japan and the Far East

Manuscripts, Illumination, and Books

Performing and Literary Arts

Pavilions, Tents, and Furnishings

Prince Madoc and Fort Mountain

Famous Folk From Madoc

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