Or what do they mean by that?

Speaking Forsoothly

Something which is chronologically out of place (e.g. modern clothes worn in medieval movies).
An artisan under the direct training and tutelage of a Laurel.  Visible by a green belt.
People engaging in martial activities must pass rules and skill tests to demonstrate safety and basic competence. To get authorized, attend your local practice.
The person in charge of running and organizing an event (may also be called an “event steward”).
A secondary heraldic insignia registered to a person, group, or branch. See also Arms and Device.
A decorative cloth panel often representing the owner’s arms and used as a wallhanging or hung from a pole.
A musician or a vocal performer such as a singer or storyteller.
Bardic Circle
A gathering, often in the evening and around a fire, at which people play music, sing songs, and tell stories.
Calligraphy and Illumination
Text and artistic decoration as seen in medieval manuscripts
A warning cry. It means someone is about to draw a sword from its scabbard.
Event with the principal focus on avariety of classes.
The person being fought for in a tourney.
The formal gathering in which the Crown (or representative such as Baron/Baroness) give awards, make announcements or proclamations, etc.
A weekend festival organized by a local group. May include tournaments, A&S classes or competitions, merchants, feasts, and other revelry. Normally a weekend, but some “Wars” last longer.
A token given to someone to indicate friendship, romantic involvement, membership in a group, or some other relationship.
Gold Key
Loaner garb and gear for newcomers that is often made available through the local office of the Chatelaine.
The person in charge of cooking the food at an event.
Place setting and table linens for use during feast.
Medieval or Renaissance clothing/costume.
Heavy Combat
Full-contact combat involving the use of wooden (rattan) swords and pole weapons/spears.
The collection of arts pertaining to coats of arms, names, and verbal proclamation.
A warning cry. Called by any fighter, marshal, or spectator. It means “STOP ALL ACTIVITY” there is a safety issue. Holds are important and immediate.
A group of people who ally themselves together. Composed of similar personas, interests, or just groups of friends.
Prior to every tournament or war, each fighter will have to be inspected by a marshal.  Fighters must show their authorization card and pass armor safety inspections.
A large geographic region within the SCA.  There are currently 20 kingdoms in the world.
Fighting peerage.  Considered the elite of heavy fighters. Knights swear fealty to their Crown. Visible by a white belt, unadorned gold chain, and gold spurs.  Addressed as “Sir.”
Arts peerage.  Laurels are considered excellent artisans and researchers.  Visible by a medallion featuring laurel leaves, or by a circlet of laurel leaves.  Addressed as “Master” or “Mistress/Dame.”
Literally the list of people who will be fighting, but it is sometimes used as a synonym for “tournament.”
The listmaster or -mistress is the person in charge of organizing the fighters into bouts, keeping up with who won, etc.
The marshal serves as a referee.  Doesn’t determine winners, but does prevent rule violations, and also guards fighter/spectator safety.
A group combat with teams of two or more competing against each other.
Any thing or person that is not of the Society. Can be perceived as an derogatory, use discretion.
On-board / Off-board
Designates the event feast has been prurchased, or not.
A cry that is a request for attention. Please cease any conversation until the announcement is finished.
Peerage is the highest earned award in the SCA.  There are five types of peer: Knights, Laurels, Pelicans, Masters of Defense, and Royal Peers.
Service Peerage.  Pelicans are dedicated volunteers and leaders.  Visible as a medallion featuring a pelican in her piety.  Addressed as “Master” or “Mistress/Dame.”
Within or accurate for the Society time period.
A persona is your alter ego in the SCA. Some people have only a name; some have a complete life story that moves through the years with them. Persona speak and dress appropriately to their place or time, if they choose.
A leader-in-training under the guidance of a Pelican.  Visible by a yellow belt.
A thin metal sword. In rapier combat, the sword is never sharp and has a blunted/capped tip. Sometimes called “light combat” or “fencing.”
A plant similar to bamboo but solid throughout, used for making heavy list weapons.
Royal Peer
Anyone who has sat on the throne of a Kingdom or Principality.  People who have ruled a Kingdom once are also known as Count/Earl or Countess and are addressed as “Your Excellency.”  People who have ruled a Kingdom twice or more are a Duke or Duchess and are addressed as “Your Grace.”  People who have ruled a Principality are a Viscount or Viscountess and are addressed as “Your Excellency.”
People in the SCA.
The executive officer for a branch, responsible for overseeing other officers. Liaison between the SCA and the modern world.
A fighter under the direct training and tutelage of a knight.  Visible by a red belt; may also wear an unadorned silver chain and/or silver spurs.
A fighting competition between single opponents.  May be fought in a variety of ways.
Registration at an event; everyone who attends must sign-in.
A very large event, typically involving 500 or more people.  Fighters arrange in groups and fight as armies, involving the use of fields, woodlands, or other broken terrain. Wars can also include other activities: classes, Court, dancing, and merchants. Lasts a weekend or longer.
A document guaranteeing that a person holds a specific office; it may be paper or a roster maintained by a higher officer.019