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We have local meetings and activities, which are run by the group officers, but the primary historical re-creation activities in the SCA are events. We focus on re-creating the atmosphere of a day at a royal tournament, a medieval festival or faire.  An event may include tournaments or wars (the SCA’s own sport based on medieval tournament-style combat), craft competitions, classes on topics of interest, Royal Court (where awards are given), dancing, singing, and of course sumptuous candle-lit feasts!

The first step is getting involved with your local group. This can be in the form of a local meeting, workshop, or fighter practice — or you can jump in feet first and go to an event! Your local contacts should be able to give you information on upcoming local activities or you can check our calendar. Everyone dresses up, but don’t worry if your garb isnt perfect on the first try. Just meet people and talk. Ask questions about what you see or things that interest you.

There are many resources to help you get started. Two of the best are our Meridian Chatelaine website and the SCA Newcomer Portal. We also host a page of Frequent Questions (with answers) and a page of SCA slang.

Getting Started

Loaner Equipment

While attendees of our events are encouraged to provide their own equipment, we recognize that those new to the game may not have medieval garb, feast gear, and combat necessities. Therefore, we strive to make these resources available to those in need.

Loaner Garb & Feastgear

Baron Orlando is responsible for Gold Key. Gold Key carries medieval tunics, pants, skirts, chemises, and belts in most adult sizes and some youth sizes. If you are attending an event and don’t have clothing or feast gear, Gold Key can help with the details.

Loaner Combat

We also offer loaner gear for heavy combat, rapier, and archery. This loaner gear is available at fighter practices and archery practices. You can find out more about those events by visiting our meetings or calendar pages or by visiting their Facebook pages: Bryn Madoc Militia (rapier, armored combat) or Wardens of Madoc’s Woods (archery, thrown weapons).

Helpful Links

We participate in common interests: armored combat, fencing, archery, dancing, costuminging, music, metalwork, woodwork, and much more. Here are a few helpful Facebook links where people meet to ask questions and share information: