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Order of Weapons Masters, Meridies

In the interest of promoting proficiency in real weapons in the Kingdom of Meridies, there has been established an Order of Weapons Masters, Meridies. The members of the order compete in the weapons categories of axe, knife, spear, and archery.

There exists within each weapons category four levels of skill or competency. These levels are Second Class, First Class, Expert, and Master. To become a member of the Order, one must earn the qualification of at least Second Class in each weapon category, or must qualify at the Master's level in any two weapon forms. At such time as these minimal requirements have been met, the Secretary of the Order shall direct a letter to the Crown indicating the achievement of this benchmark, with the recommendation that the Crown elevate the candidate to the Order of Weapons Masters, Meridies.

All targets for the competitions shall be scored on the standard combat silhouettes (see drawing). Axe, knife, and spear targets shall be constructed with a wooden target face; archery target may be constructed of paper, and archery butts may be constructed of standard backings.

target silhouette

Scoring strikes with an axe, knife or spear shall be judged as follows: the weapons must strike and stick with either edge or point within the silhouette and remain in the target for the length of time necessary for the individual to walk to the target and retrieve the weapon. Hits on the line may be counted as long as the edge or point of the weapon penetrates the line into the area of the silhouette. Scoring with archery follows the same guidelines, except that any arrow which cuts the line delineating the silhouette shall be counted as good.

Classification qualifications shall be as follows:

The above qualification and competition distances are allowable only for single-pointed knives, single-bitted axes (no top/butt spikes), recurve or simple bows (no compounds, stabilizers, or sights). Spears must weigh 1 lb., 12 oz. (800 grams) or more, and be at least 55 inches (1.4 meters) in length. It must be thrown by hand; throwing sticks/atlatls are not allowed.

Qualifiers/competitors may throw at a given distance from any point at or behind the specified line.

Qualification must be attested to by a qualified witness, said witness being qualified by virtue of holding a qualified classification level at least one level below the witnessed qualification session. Example: a first class qualification session in axe may be witnessed by a holder of a second class axe classification (higher classifications can always witness the qualification of lesser levels). All qualification paperwork should be sent to the Secretary of the Order.

Please contact Gilbert Head (AEdward of Glastonburh) for more information about the history of the Order. Please consult the Regnum in Popular Chivalry for the current Secretary. Any questions pertaining to any aspect of the weapons program in Meridies may be addressed to the above contacts.





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