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The following links are not official links of the Society for Creative Anachronism or the Kingdom of Meridies and are not created, maintained, supported, reviewed or otherwise sanctioned in any manner. All external links are provided as a service to the populace at large and are offered on an “as is” basis.

Purple bullet Castles of England
A comprehensive castle site
Purple bullet Castles of Wales
Lots of pictures and info on Welsh castles and a collection of links to other Welsh topics
Purple bullet Gothic Dreams: An Earthlore Immersive Exploration
A must-see site for Gothic architecture lovers! Take a cybertour of some of the great Gothic cathedrals and participate in the virtual cathedral project.

Armoring and Metalwork
Purple bullet Lamellar Armour

Art Museums and Online Collections
Purple bullet Art Cyclopedia
Purple bullet Freer & Sackler Galleries at the Smithsonian Institution
Includes Near, Middle, and Far Eastern art
Purple bullet Georgia Museum of Art
Located in the heart of Bryn Madoc, Athens, GA, on the University of Georgia Campus. GMOA has a room devoted to Renaissance items from the Kress Collection.
Purple bullet High Museum of Art — Atlanta (special exhibitions)
Purple bullet The Morgan Library & Museum
Click on “Collections” button to view many period works in zoomable format, including the Hours of Catherine of Cleves.
Purple bullet Musée National du Môyen Age (National Museum of the Middle Ages)
A must-see for students of the Middle Ages when visiting Paris, France! This extensive collection is located in the Thermes & Hotel de Cluny, near the Sorbonne. Includes Roman baths, as well as Medieval art, artifacts and garden.
Purple bullet Museum of Fine Arts Boston
Purple bullet New York Carver
Links to museums worldwide
Purple bullet Metropolitan Museum of Art — Works of Art
Collection database search online
Purple bullet RMN listing of French national and provincial museums
Purple bullet Victoria & Albert Museum
Lots of wondrous medieval and renaissance art at the V&A!
Purple bullet Web Gallery of Art

Cooking and Brewing
Purple bullet Gode Cookery
Purple bullet May Day Wedding Menu of Morgaine & Gideon (Elizabethan cooking)
Purple bullet Medieval Cookery
Purple bullet Online Culinary History Network
Purple bullet Thousandeggs: Historical Culinary & Brewing Documents Online

Purple bullet Clothing & Textiles (includes Surviving Garments Project)
Purple bullet Footwear of the Middle Ages
Purple bullet The Frazzled Frau — German Women's Garb
Purple bullet Poor People's Poulaines
Purple bullet Wodeford Hall (sideless surcote pattern)

Purple bullet The Worlds of C.S. Friedman
Official website for Bryn Madoc's best-known literary alumna.
Purple bullet The Forest of the Hunter
Fan-run website for C.S. Friedman (known in Bryn Madoc as Mistress Tatiana)
Purple bullet Worlds Imagined: The Many Realities of Tom Deitz
The online version of a comprehensive exhibit of Tom Deitz's life and works, from the University of Georgia Libraries' Hargrett Rare Book & Manuscript Library. Tom Deitz (1952-2009), aka Master Dylan ab Aneirin y Breuddwidyr, was one of the founders of Bryn Madoc and the group's best-known literary alumnus.

Early Period Topics
Purple bullet Anglo-Saxon England webring homesite
Scroll down to the bottom of the page and use the webring to find some interesting Anglo-Saxon sites.
Purple bullet Early Period
The web version of the personally-published quarterly for the advancement of early period arts, crafts, sciences, and research, focusing on pre-1066 A.D. topics of interest to persons with early period personae in the SCA or similar organizations.
Purple bullet Celtic Clip Art at Ceolas
Downloadable knotwork; ftp site also available.
Purple bullet Earthlore's Ireland site
A cyber exploration of Ireland.
Purple bullet Old English at the University of Calgary (has lessons)
Purple bullet Regia Anglorum
Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Norman and British Living History resources. Follow the links on the page to the "Listing of All Regia Pages" section or click here to go the listing directly.
Purple bullet TriSpiral
A journal of all things Celtic in the SCA (issues are in pdf format only), edited by our own Mistress Derbail inghean Conchobhar and Lord Dyfn ap Meurig. New URL arriving soon.

Fiber Arts
  General Fiber Arts
Purple bullet All Fiber Arts
Fiber arts articles and links
Purple bullet Curious Weaver Articles online
Purple bullet Project Gutenberg E-Book: Embroidery & Tapestry Weaving
by Grace Christie
Purple bullet Clothing & Textiles
Scroll down for Coptic and early period sewing & embroidery information
Purple bullet Japanese Temari
All about making embroidered thread balls, a technique that goes back to feudal Japan. Indudes full instructions and many patterns.
Purple bullet Joyce Miller's Medieval Embroidery Page
Purple bullet Racaire's Playground
SCA embroiderer's homepage for period embroidery.
Purple bullet Sharon B's Dictionary of Stitches for Hand Embroidery & Needlework
Purple bullet Soper Lane
English re-enactors who portray 15th C. London “silkwomen” — weavers of narrow goods
Purple bullet A Stitch Out of Time
14th-15th century German counted thread embroidery and long-armed cross-stitch
  Braiding, Kumihimo, Knotting, and Cord
Purple bullet Making Basic Instructions for Creating Period Cord with a Lucet
Purple bullet Beginning Kumihimo
Purple bullet Chinese Knotting
Purple bullet Fingerloop Braid Patterns
Purple bullet Making a Viking Whip Cord
  Knitting, Naalbinding, and Spinning
Purple bullet Alix's Nalbinding Page
Purple bullet Dar Anahita's Medieval Muslim Knitting
Purple bullet The Joy of Handspinning
Purple bullet Spinning with a Top Whorl Drop Spindle
Purple bullet Experiments with Tablet Weaving (images only)
Purple bullet Guntram's Tabletweaving Page
Purple bullet Jazzcat's Inkle Weaving Patterns
Purple bullet The Loomy Bin — card and loom weaving patterns
Purple bullet On-Line Digital Archive of Documents on Weaving and Related Topics
Purple bullet Warping Your Mini-Card/Tablet Loom
General warping and weaving tutorial
Purple bullet WeaversHand
A wealth of weaving links here, including period topics

Games and Sports
Purple bullet Justin de Coeur's Medieval & Renaissance Games
A page devoted to period game links.
Purple bullet Fox & Geese
Play Fox & Geese online.
Purple bullet The Medieval Sportsman's Compendium of Knowledge
Feesh!! Site dedicated to researching how people hunted and fished 500 years ago and more.
Purple bullet WebMORRIS
Play Nine Mills Morris online.

General and Miscellaneous
Purple bullet ARCHway Article Citation Index
Comprehensive online archive of the Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, lots of period archaelogical studies
Purple bullet The Labyrinth — Resources for Medieval Studies
Purple bullet Greg Lindahl's SCA Arts & Sciences links
Purple bullet Medieval & Renaissance Material Culture
Purple bullet The Medieval Page: Source for Medieval Studies on the WWW
Purple bullet NetSERF: the Internet Connection for Medieval Resources
Purple bullet ORB Home Page
The University of Kansas' On-line Reference Book for Medieval Studies (ORB), a collection of medieval history resources
Purple bullet Project Gutenberg E-Book: Arts & Crafts in the Middle Ages
by Julia De Wolf Addison
Purple bullet The SCA Slavic Interest Group
Purple bullet Stefan's Florilegium
A compendium of articles of interest to SCA folk. NOTA BENE: Some rather annoying frames are in use on the Florilegium site. Here's a workaround.

Japan and the Far East
Purple bullet Kyoto Costume Museum
Purple bullet National Treasures and Important Cultural Property of the National Museum in Japan
Purple bullet Sengoku Daimyo
Anthony J. Bryant's (Master Edward of Effingham's) period Japanese culture site
Purple bullet Tousando
Multi-topic message boards
Purple bullet Traditional Crafts of Japan
Purple bullet Wodeford Hall (scroll down for links)

Manuscripts, Illumination, and Books
Purple bullet Biblioteca de Montserrat
Purple bullet Bibliotheca Palatina at the Library of the University of Heidelberg
Purple bullet British Library (online ancient texts)
Purple bullet Corsair: Pierpont Morgan Library's online gallery of Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts
Purple bullet Folio, Manuscript: Paleography, Codicology
Purple bullet Koninklijke Bibliotheek — National Library of the Netherlands
Purple bullet Medieval Papermaking
Purple bullet Medieval Ink
Purple bullet Project Gutenberg E-Book: Libraries in the Medieval & Renaissance Periods
Purple bullet Old English at the University of Calgary (has lessons)
Purple bullet Old English Paleography
Purple bullet Something Beautiful Blog — Illuminated Manuscripts
Purple bullet Robert C. Williams Paper Museum at Georgia Tech
List of papermaking sites

Performing Arts

Purple bullet Atrium Maucamedi: A Website for Medieval Music
Purple bullet A Beginners' Guide to the Bodhran
Purple bullet Joy & Jealousy Book (Dances)
Purple bullet Llibre Vermell de Montserrat — 14th c. book of music, digitized
Purple bullet Recorder Home Page
Purple bullet SCA Renaissance Dance Homepage

Pavilions, Tents, and Furnishings

Purple bullet Building a Plausibly Medieval Pavilion
Purple bullet Medieval Pavilion Resources

Prince Madoc and Fort Mountain

Purple bullet Georgia's Ft. Mountain and Prince Madoc of Wales
Discover the legend of Prince Madoc and Fort Mountain, the historical “Bryn Madoc.”
Purple bullet Madoc 1170
Purple bullet Prince Madoc
See photos of the wall at Fort Mountain.



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