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The Pretty Good Guide to
500 Years of Music History

by Mistress Signy Dimmridaela

Early music is no longer an arcane subject accessible only to the most diligent scholar or enthusiast. The combination of CD technology and the Internet has made it relatively easy to find out information about early music and recordings of early music. This select list of web pages, publications, recording sources and other information will help you find out more about music in the SCA period. Have fun!



The following links are not official links of the Society for Creative Anachronism or the Kingdom of Meridies and are not created, maintained, supported, reviewed or otherwise sanctioned in any manner. All external links are provided as a service to the populace at large and are offered on an “as is” basis.

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SCA Medieval and Renaissance Music Homepage
SCA Arts and Sciences Page, maintained by Master Gregory Blount. Lots of links to early music resources, both SCA and non-SCA.
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Early Music America
Links to other early music resources, instrument makers, concerts, festivals, workshops, classified ads, early music fun, CD store with listings and reviews. Publishes Early Music magazine.
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Early Music Network
Concerts, discographies, labels and distributors, festivals, instruments, journals and publications, organizations, ensembles and individual performers, school resources, shopping. Maintained in Atlanta.
Purple bullet Medieval Music and Arts Foundation
TONS of links, information, guides, discographies, bibliographies. Not just music.
Purple bullet Boulder Early Music Shop
Instruments, kits, sheet music and scores. Online catalog.
Purple bullet The Early Music Shop (London)
“The largest single source of early music instruments worldwide.” Online catalog.
Purple bullet Kelischek Workshop
Instruments, kits, music, workshops. About 2 1/2 hours north of Athens (GA) in Brasstown, NC.
Purple bullet Von Heune Workshop
Instrument sales, repair, kits, sheet music. Early music links, concentrating on the Boston area.
Purple bullet Amherst Early Music
The largest and most comprehensive teaching music festival for historical performance in the Western Hemisphere. Held over several weeks in August.
Purple bullet Harmonia
Nationally syndicated 1 hour public radio program devoted to early music. Airs on NPR affiliates.




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