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The People's Barony of Bryn Madoc presents

Danelaw fighters college

Danelaw XXVI:
Collegium Belli

November 2, 2019

Heritage Park, 2543 Macon Hwy., Watkinsville, GA 30677

In service to Their Majesties Meridies, our Baron Orlando and Baroness Leonora seek to recruit and train a levy with which to defend the eastern borders of our Realm. To that end, Bryn Madoc welcomes all — whether mercenaries, loyal liege-men/women, or allies — to our Danelaw Collegium Belli (War College) at a glorious new site with broad flat fields and a pavilion large enough to host armies. Their Excellencies are currently recruiting the most experienced war captains, fencing masters, siege engineers, and archers trained in the divers arts of war.

This is a one-day event, so lodging is on your own. However, for those bold adventurers who sally forth, we can arrange crash space and off-site tenting. The war site opens on Saturday at 8 a.m. and closes at 10 p.m. Feast will be offered mid-day, dayboard-style, and a light repast will be available in the evening.

ACTIVITIES: For those not inclined to war, we offer multiple opportunities to engage in the arts. There will be a fiber-works solar, with weaving, spinning, embroidery, naalbinding, and other related arts; as well as bardic and scribal workshops and a European dance class. Bring your project to sit with everyone, or observe and learn. More info.

We'll also have tavern games, outdoor games, and live weapons going on all day, including an archery tournament benefitting the DAV.

And when training and classes are done, we will revel into the evening with dance, song, and tales of battle glorious!

Download the full event flyer in pdf format.


Duc Orlando Cavalcanti, Baron Bryn Madoc
(Casey Gordon)

Nathri Mac Conaill
(William Hedden)
118 Bridgewater Circle
Athens, GA, 30601

Please contact for any allergies.

Mistress Leonora d'Este, Baroness Bryn Madoc
(Linda Gilbert)

Captain Dubhagen MacDubh
(Anthony Cagle)


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