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Danelaw XXVI


(times subject to change)

SATURDAY, November 2, 2019
8 a.m. Site opens for participants
9 a.m. Armor and weapons inspection
10 a.m. A&S Activity: Fiber Arts Solar opens
A&S Activity: Hall of Fire (bardic) opens
A&S Activity: Scriptorium opens
Archery & LW: Combat Archery Authorization Class
Armored Combat: Sword and Shield in Formation
Rapier: Melee Drills and Games
Rapier: Spear Demo / Cut and Thrust
Tavern Gaming
Thrown Weapons Challenge begins (ongoing, whenever throwing range is open)
11 a.m. Archery & LW: Live Weapons Class
Armored Combat: Shield Wall Practice
Rapier: Unit Movement Practice
Noon Armored Combat: Special Weapons
Noon – 2 p.m. Dayboard Luncheon Feast available
1 p.m. Lunch break for fighters
1:30 p.m. Archery & LW: Period Archery Tournament
2 p.m. Armored Combat: Unit Movement
Rapier: Command and Communication
3 p.m. A&S Activity: European Dance
Archery & LW:
Combat Archery
practice with Armored/Heavy units
Armored Combat:
Unit Movement Practice
Rapier: Putting It All Together
4 p.m. Armored Combat: Historical Tactics and Weapon Use
Outdoor Games:
Jomswikinger (Viking Box Game) and maybe Hammer Toss
Rapier: Cut and Thrust
Rapier: Ironman — Heavy War Points for Rapier Fighters!
5 p.m. Armored Combat: Ironman — Rapier War Points for Heavy Fighters
Rapier: Spear for Rapier Combat

Fiber Arts Solar, Hall of Fire, Scriptorium, and Tavern Gaming close
6 p.m. Martial classes and activities end
  Supper and Court: Light, “lounging” repast. Court held during supper
7-9 p.m. Revel: Bardic circle and dancing
9 p.m. Clean up
10 p.m. Site closes



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