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Danelaw 24



A feast at the Estates of Master Lazarus Gauge, Captain of the Gryphon's Revenge, assembled on his journeys throughout the Knowne Worlde:

o  Homemade bread baskets with salted butter and sweet oil
o  Soup of potatoes and leeks in a saffron vegetable broth
o  Beverages TBD

Course the Second
o  Field green salad of spinach, raisins, and roast chick peas with citrus vinagrette
o  Roasted honey-glazed beets and carrots
o  Lightly-boiled white beans served with candied bacon and wild herbs

Course the Third
o  Half field chicken served in a mint and raisin honey glaze with jus
o  Smoked rabbit stew of ginger, onion, red wine, mace, carrots, and cabbage

o  German sweet apple tarts with a simple lightly-sugared biscuit dough




$5 — benefits the Bryn Madoc Rapier program
Upside Down Shepherd's Pie
o  Mashed potatoes (potato, milk, butter, garlic)
o  Stew (leeks, carrots, celery, barley, garlic, vegetable broth, beef or lentils, spices)


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