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Danelaw 24



1. You are encouraged to bring your own cows. Cows can be made from anything — cardboard, plywood, plush animals, etc. Cows must be sturdy and portable. There may even be a purple Papal Bull sighting or two — these are part of the Baronial herd.

a. 3D cows (such as a stuffed cow) should be palm-sized or larger.

b. 2D cows (such as a cardboard cow) need to be larger than an 8.5 x 11 in. sheet of paper.

c. If you can't bring a cow, we're providing “cowrrency” at the door and have opportunities to win cows and cow-related prizes!.

d. Cowrrency can be traded, earned, won, gambled, spent on bribes....

2. You may raid (or be raided), as soon as you troll in.

a. Fighters may be awarded cows for their prowess or courtesy. They may have a surrogate guard his/her cows while on the field. At no time shall an in-kit fighter and a non-combatant dispute over cattle; fighters must drop all weapons and armor to raid.

b. Additional cows will be gifted to those who help with the event. Volunteer and you'll get some moo-la.

3. Cattle must be penned (i.e., kept together) in plain sight. Cows cannot be concealed on someone's person. You may not hide cows in cabins or vehicles. Cabins and vehicles are off limits for the game.

a. The putting-up of fences is allowed.

b. Bells and other warning devices are allowed.

c. You are encouraged to guard your cows.

4. To steal a cow, one must simply walk up to and carry off said cow.

a. Dragging the cows is permitted.

b. Feeding a cow to lure it is also permitted.

c. Any mistreatment of the cows is not allowed.

d. Lookouts, decoys, and teamwork are permitted.

e. Children under 9 are allowed to steal cows ONLY with their parents or guardian.

5. To catch a cattle thief one must lay two hands flatly on the thief's body — with the exception of all Baronesses of Bryn Madoc who are the goddesses of the herds and may simply call out “hold” to apprehend cattle rustlers. They may also delegate celestial cow powers to whomever they favor.

6. Raiders who are caught in the act:

a. May try to ransom themselves, reaching whatever accord both parties accept.

b. They may fight their accuser (rock/paper/scissors). If raiders win, they keep the cows raided. If raiders lose, they lose the cows raided and an additional weregild of one-half the number of cows raided, up to the total number of their herd.

c. Or they may seek the judgment of the goddesses/Baronesses in Valhalla who decide how many cattle are owed in weregild and how long they remain in Valhalla before returning to the cattle raiding. Judgment may depend upon guilt or eloquence or any other bribe criteria goddesses deem appropriate.

d. Please to try to be polite while apprehending your cattle thieves.

e. Thieves are not allowed to bite, lick, or scratch their opponents.

f. All alleged cattle thieves, should walk peacefully with their captors to judgement.

7. Raiding continues all day, until half an hour before Baronial Court. Court shall conclude with the Counting of the Cows and the awarding of prizes, wherein our goddesses will settle any final disputes, tally the herds, and present prizes as they deem fit.

a. Cattle Court: All rulings are final.

b. The cattle are allowed to speak for themselves.

c. All cattle are capable of speaking.

d. Any defendants or plaintiffs will be allowed to speak, preferably not at the same time.

8. To win the game you must have fun.

a. If you are not having fun, you are doing it wrong.

b. You must also attempt to gain more cows than everyone else.

c. If at the end of the day your team has more cows than everyone else ... you win.


o  Great Hammer: Hammer toss for distance.

o  Tug-a-Bore/Boar: Tug of war with a boar tied in the middle. First to pull the boar past side marker flags is the winner.

o  Cumbersome Wrestling: Wrestling inside a circle. First one outside of the circle, or with 3 points of contact, loses.

o  Sheep Toss: A weight wrapped in a sheep skin, tossed over high bar.

o  Taper Toss: Candle toss. Has to go end over end at least once. Distance not important. Balanced in the palm waist high, Toss like a caber. The one that lands closest to 12:00 o'clock (not to the left, 11:00, or to the right, 1:00).

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